MALL 404は、浮遊感と夢心地のショッピング体験を提供する、実店舗を持たないショッピングモールです。

【MALL 404のハンドメイド】



※当面の間、収益の全額を#BlackLivesMatter 、LGBTQIA+ 関連の活動の寄付に充てます。

MALL 404 is an unstored shopping mall that offers a floating and dream-like shopping experience.

[Handmade MALL 404]
We are focusing on handmade products that respect "emotion and moderation," with a focus on manufacturing that can serve as a base for the dilemma that is complicated by too much information and obsession with efficiency.
I hope that you can get catharsis and keep your peace by just using and just looking.

【the next deployment】
Currently, only accessories are handled, but we are gradually expanding from T-shirts and other clothing to small items such as backpacks and wallets.

*For the time being, all proceeds will be used to donate #BlackLivesMatter and LGBTQIA+ related activities.

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